Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

At Reconnection Chiropractic, a consultation is a conversation. It is NOT an examination or a commitment; you will not be pressured into signing up for services.

A consultation with Dr. Erhardt will consist of two things:

      • He will get to know you.
      • You will get to know Dr. Erhardt, Reconnection Chiropractic, and how we may be able to help you achieve optimal health.

Dr. Erhardt will provide an overview of chiropractic but more importantly, how the focus of NUCCA through Structural Biomechanics at Reconnection Chiropractic is different from traditional chiropractic. Through this conversation, we hope to determine if NUCCA might be a solution to bring you back to your best health.

Again, there is no charge for the consultation and there will be no high-pressure sales pitch.

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