Woodbury's Family NUCCA Chiropractic Care Clinic

Why Reconnection Chiropractic?

Q: There are so many chiropractors out there. It seems like I see a chiropractor on every corner somewhere. So what makes Reconnection Chiropractic different? Why should I bother to drive all the way to see Dr. Erhardt when there is a chiropractor just up the street from my house or job?


A: Structural Biomechanics (NUCCA) is one of the many different focuses within chiropractic. It concentrates on the structural foundation of the human body. The ultimate goal of Structural Biomechanics is to correct the Neurological Shift that is causing your body to become imbalanced. A Neurological Shift occurs when you have a misalignment of the top bone, the atlas or C1, in your neck.

This imbalance in your body manifests itself through secondary conditions such as: headaches, neck pain, mid-back pain, low back pain, sciatica, leg pain, carpal tunnel, shoulder pain, ADHD, brain fog, focusing problems, or trigeminal neuralgia. My objective is to correct the Neurological Shift resulting in the improvement or disappearance of the secondary conditions.

Structural Biomechanics is a soft, gentle approach that all of our patients enjoy – without any popping or twisting of the neck! Our patients appreciate how specific and unique we are in our approach to their care and they are thrilled with the positive results they experience as a result of correcting the Neurological Shift. I am extremely passionate about what I do. If you would like to learn more, please stop by the office or give us a call!

– Dr. Erhardt