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Reviews Written by Patients in the Office

Annie and Dr. Erhardt


“Before coming to Dr. Erhardt, I had dizziness, headaches, fogginess, and difficulty concentrating which were all affecting school and gymnastics. Now, all of my symptoms have decreased and are almost 100% gone. I highly recommend this place!”

– Annie, Stillwater, MN



Brooke and Dr. Erhardt


“Dr. Erhardt is very professional and good at explaining what he is doing and why. I ask a lot of questions, but he had an answer for every one and then some. Best chiropractor I’ve been to! Plus, my chronic headaches have improved drastically.”    

– Brooke, Morris, MN


John and Dr. Erhardt


“I love Chiropractic, but whenever I go I always cringe when it comes time to get my neck adjusted. I can never seem to relax enough. That is why I LOVE coming to see Dr. Erhardt with his gentle Structural Biomechanics correction. There is no more pain for me getting my neck adjusted!”

– John, Eveleth, MN


Sue and Dr. Erhardt


“Very professional. Dr. Erhardt was interested in my process but didn’t over-treat me. Before seeing Dr. Erhardt, I could only knit for 5-10 minutes before my hands and arms would go numb. I was told I had carpal tunnel, but after seeing Dr. Erhardt, I can knit for hours now without any problems!”

– Sue, Eveleth, MN


 (Updated 7/31/17)


 (Updated 7/31/17)