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What is an Atlas Misalignment?

Could your problems be the result of an atlas subluxation?

When we are talking about the primary condition or the atlas misalignment here at Reconnection Chiropractic, we are referring to a subluxation of the atlas (upper cervical). We examine the atlas and look for a three dimensional shift that causes the spine to move away from normal alignment. If the atlas is shifted, this is similar to having something interfere with cellphone reception. The shift in the atlas causes disruption in the transmission from the brain to the rest of the body. The atlas is the key to having a strong, clear “signal.” If the atlas is off by one degree in any direction, it will cause the shoulders to be uneven and twisted, the hips to be elevated, and the entire spine to be out of alignment. This results in muscle spasms, muscles being overworked or under-worked, and ligaments that become strained and deformed.

Stages of Spinal Degeneration
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